The Jewish Secular Community of Cleveland provides a secular humanistic environment to celebrate holidays, learn about our traditions and history, and discuss current issues.

Join us to share your Jewish heritage on a spiritual, intellectual and social level in a comfortable inclusive setting with like-minded Jews.

Events and Holidays

Our events offer a warm, inclusive community to celebrate holidays, learn about our traditions, and discuss current issues. We connect to the Greater Cleveland through community action programs with the overall goal of representing humanistic Jewish traditions. We strive to foster a welcoming environment in all of our events.

Membership Benefits

Join a vibrant community of like-minded people by becoming a member of the Jewish Secular Community of Cleveland. Guests can attend the first two Shabbat programs at no cost to get to know our community. Members benefit from a variety of frequent events including holidays, adult education, volunteering and more. Become a member today.

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Sign up for our monthly email newsletter and receive updates and event information right to your inbox. Our emails include news for all guests and members of the Jewish Secular Community of Cleveland. It’s a great way to stay in touch with the community!

The Jewish Secular Community is a proud affiliate of the Cultural and Secular Jewish Organization (CSJO.)

To learn more about CSJO, please visit csjo.org.

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Contact Us

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